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New Models

The highly anticipated 2014 Jaguar F-Type will be hitting our showroom May 2013. It combines beauty and refinement Jaguar is known for with the aggressive and handling a driver can only dream of. It is the successor of the widely awarded and beloved E-Type, with which it shares bloodlines. The F-Type looks to the future not only for the Jaguar brand, but also for the sports car segment.

"A piece of design should tell a store and this is why every line in the F-Type has a start, a direction and a conclusion. If you approach every line individually and get it as aesthetically correct as possible, get the dimensions right, it will stand the test of time." - Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar

We are currently accepting orders for this amazing new vehicle. There are three trim levels available:

F-TYPE - Starting at MSRP $69,895
F-TYPE S - Starting at MSRP $81,895
F-TYPE V8 S - Starting at MSRP $92,895

*excludes destination & delivery. prices subject to change without notice from the manufacture.
2013 XJL Ultimate -

We are pleased to announce the availability of the 2013 exclusive XJL Ultimate, designed to be desired and to impress with functionality supporting the most discerning customer. With a potent mix of opulent features and lavish styling, this vehicle is the pinnacle of luxury. It is a car that truly defines Jaguar's philosophy of creating vehicles with seductive performance coupled with true luxury and craftsmanship.

  • US Volume: Only 30 Units
  • MSRP: $155,000 excluding D&D
  • Start of Sale: November 2012 (estimated)
  • Allocation: By Order only

Some Features: The XJL Ultimate offers all of the features of an XJL Supersport including the V8 SC 510HP fitted with an all new ZF 8-speed automatic transmission plus the following unique content:

  • Exclusive lower air intake finishers, chrome plated finish to match the grill

  • Unique 20" Maroa-style forged wheels with technical grey and high polish finish
  • Rear Seating includes 2 individual hand trimmed "tailored" rear seats in semi-aniline premium natural leather with recline, massage and 4 way lumbar adjust.
  • Rear Center Console includes powered passenger table, cupholders, Bespoke Jaguar champagne flutes that reside in a dedicated storage area, Rear Media, Rear A/C and Integrated illuminated rear chiller with bottle present that is chilled to between 45 and 50 degrees, known to be the ideal temperature for chilled drinks.

  • Rear Seat ipad and dock - The XJL Ultimate features twin iPad tablet computers integrated into the rear of each front seat.
  • Brushed aluminum clock
  • Leather umbrella retainer points in the trunk
  • Fitted with a  new exclusive handcrafted "Herringbone" veneer.
  • A unique Black Amethyst exterior color will be available.
  • Two interior trims will be available on the XJL Ultimate: Jet/Jet and Mineral/Ivory.
  • The XJL Ultimate will showcase a Meridian Sound system in line with the XJ core model switch over from the Bowers & Wilkins to the Meridian brand. The Meridian system gives you 825W Surround Audio with 15 amplifier channels, 20 speakers with two subwoofers, MP3 compatible, single slot CD and more.

This is just some of the unique highlights of this very limited production vehicle. For ordering allocation please contact your Jaguar Sales Guide.

February 22, 2011- Jaguar will launch the new Jaguar XKR-S at the Geneva Motor Show on March 1, 2011. With a higher output supercharged V8 Engine, revised suspension, and a new aerodynamically driven design, the Jaguar XKR-S expresses the company's long held duality of purpose: GT luxury with incredible performance. "The XKR-S is a bold and exciting new model for Jaguar." said Adrian Hallmark, Jaguar's new Global Brand Director. "We expect to attract both loyal and new Jaguar driving enthusiasts who still want the comfort, opulence and class only a Jaguar can offer, combined with inspirational performance."

The Jaguar XKR-S produces 550hp with 502 lb/ft of torque, offers a top speed of 186mph and can accelerate from 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds.

The XKR-S marks the pinnacle of Jaguar sports engineering, delivering awe-inspiring performance and exceptional dynamic handling.

 UPRATED 5.0- LITER SUPERCHARGED AJ-V8 GEN III R ENGINEThe XK range's highly efficient 5.0-liter V8 supercharged engine has been extensively recalibrated for the new XKR-S, making it the most powerful Jaguar road engine ever produced. Power output has been increased to 550 hp and maximum torque now reaches 502 ft-lb, giving the XKR-S a top speed of 186 mph with acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds.

SUPERIOR DRIVING DYNAMICSA combination of lightweight aluminum body construction and revised suspension settings delivers pin-point handling and supreme control. The re-engineered front suspension features a fully machined aluminum upright that significantly increases camber and caster stiffness for precise steering with greater driver connection and responsiveness. The rear suspension geometry has also been revised for increased camber stiffness, and spring and damper rates have been revised at both ends of the car.

ACTIVE DIFFERENTIAL CONTROL AND DYNAMIC STABILITY CONTROLThe Active Differential Control has been reprogrammed to reduce steering sensitivity at very high speeds, increasing stability and driver control. The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) has also been reworked to match the car's increased capabilities. Revised settings alter slip thresholds, differential torque distribution and engine and brake intervention levels, allowing the experienced driver to explore the outer edges of performance and handling. 

HIGH PERFORMANCE BRAKING SYSTEMThe Jaguar High Performance Braking System features lightweight aluminum twin-piston sliding front calipers and single-piston sliding rear calipers to deliver superb high-speed braking performance. The Vulcan 20" alloy wheels, forged and lightweight, feature increased tire widths ? 9" in the front and 10.5" at the rear? for greater precision and grip. 

SPORTS PERFORMANCE EXHAUSTA unique tuning of its Performance Active Exhaust provides the XKR-S with a distinctive and deeply satisfying aural signature. 

For the last 75 years, innovative design, legendary performance and unprecedented luxury have been the ideals that make Jaguar an icon. The same purity of engineering that defined Jaguar?s past is absolutely reflected in its future. Introducing the C-X75, a celebration of three quarters of a century of Jaguar design, looking into the future of automotive technology.

As a Range Extended Electric Vehicle, this supercar pushes the boundaries of both performance and sustainability. It is proof that the most beautiful, fast cars on earth can also be responsible. The C-X75 is today what other luxury cars will strive to be tomorrow.

The all new Jaguar XJ is agile and responsive to ensure the optimum driving experience to suit your mood -
  • The foundations for the all new XJ's dynamic abilities are its stiff, strong aluminum and magnesium body architecture; supple yet precision-controlled suspension and taut, responsive steering that provide excellent feedback. The latest driver and safety technologies provide discreet assistance through JaguarDrive SelectorTM , Jaguar Sequential ShiftTM , Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Engine Drag Control (EDC) and Cornering Brake Control (CBC).
  • The all new XJ is agile, with a breadth of character that ensures the driver experience is optimized whatever the situation.
  • JaguarDrive Control? enables the driver to choose between standard, winter and dynamic modes with corresponding changes in gear shift, throttle response and suspension. The result is confident precision.
  • Driving the XJ is a real pleasure. Adaptive Dynamics suspension control coupled with Active Differential on supercharged derivatives deliver a balanced ride with impeccable high-speed handling.

The all new XJ delivers an indulgent luxury experience with confidence -
  • The interior of the XJ is an exquisitely crafted 'theater of the senses.
  • Authentic finishes harmonize for sensory seduction and the audio sound quality delivered by the Bowers & Wilkins system is the perfect accompaniment (optional on XJ/XJL, standard on Supercharged and Supersport).
  • The Panoramic roof visually expands the spacious interior, and with standard and long wheelbase versions, driver and passengers can travel in exceptional comfort.
  • For the design conscious, the high-tech couture interior, offered in a rich array of colors, veneers and leather finishes, is a true celebration of individuality.


The all new Jaguar XJ is intuitive technology by design -
  • Everything about the new Jaguar XJ is designed to enhance your driving experience; from the advanced safety systems that offer solid reassurance to the suite of infotainment features (video and audio).
  • The opulent interior houses the iTech system which is comprised of the Virtual Instruments and HD Touch-screen, The Media Hub, Interactive Voice? and Interactive Controls. All are designed to interact seamlessly; empowering rather than overpowering the user.
  • The philosophy of the Jaguar handshake continues with the visual ballet of the HD screens emerging from black.

The all new XJ incorporates a full range of advanced active and passive safety features and systems, which are all designed to minimize the likelihood and effect of an accident. -
The all new XJ's comprehensive list of safety features begins with its exceptionally strong all-aluminum construction. This construction contributes to lower energy in an impact because of two key factors:
  • the ability of aluminum to absorb energy much more effectively, weight for weight, than steel during deformation
  • the inherent benefit of the light vehicle weight
The less energy involved in any impact, the more safely it can be dealt with.
Also available on the all new XJ:
  • Comprehensive airbag system and sophisticated deployment control
  • Active seat belts
  • Seat-based safety features such as Anti-Whiplash System, Seat Weight Sensing (SWS) system, and Beltminder
  • Advanced Emergency Brake Assist (standard on Supersport, optional on all other models)
  • Automatic headlamps with Intelligent High Beam (standard on Supersport, optional on all other models)
The all new Jaguar XJ is styled with daring individuality
  • The Jaguar XJ breaks new ground; a radical departure in design from its direct traditional competitors - Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7-Series, Audi A8 and Lexus LS.
  • The front face of XJ is daring, powerful and seductive with its wide track giving a powerful stance to the car.
  • The side profile of the all new XJ is sleek and sporting.
  • The rear view of the car is the ultimate statement of purity accentuated by its refined and distinctive lines.
  • With composed and commanding poise, the new Jaguar XJ exudes confidence.

The all new XJ offers visual seduction with sensory fulfillment -
  • The interior design of the all new XJ is exquisite and features high-tech couture for the discerning buyer.
  • The sweeping architecture of the fascia wraps around the whole cabin and the sculpted leather dashboard is crafted to smoothly curve away from the occupant creating a luxurious feeling of space; this feeling is completed by the distinctive circular vents and analog clock that stand proud.
  • Ambient lighting is positioned to bring the design cues and flowing lines of the interior to life, while on Supersport models illumination in the dashboard vents define the interior's circular theme which is inspired by Jaguar's sporting heritage.
  • The extensive use of natural materials throughout the interior of the XJ creates a sumptuous haven for the occupant that is purely Jaguar - tactile luxury in a stylish environment.


The Jaguar XJ is a true sporting sedan delivering exhilarating performance without compromise -
  • The performance of the all new XJ is characterized by seamless power delivery by the V8 engines which are effortlessly controlled at cruising speeds with an instantly reactive reserve of power.
  • The awesome 510 hp and 470 hp supercharged V8 engines deliver thrilling performance to satisfy the most demanding drivers.
  • Coupled with a class-leading automatic transmission, the light-weight aluminum and magnesium body architecture is a major factor in the optimization of the all new Jaguar XJ's engine performance; delivering an exhilarating yet luxurious driving experience.
  • The all new XJ can go the distance by offering a smooth, finely-tuned yet powerful ride, in addition to excellent fuel efficiency. All thanks to the use of the latest intelligent technologies such as JaguarDrive Control, Adaptive Dynamics and Active Differential Control (on Supercharged and Supersport).
  • The XJ is the epitome of refinement. Befitting to Jaguar legendary performance, it is elegant when cruising yet with performance on demand.

 Model 2010 MSRP
 XJ $72,500 385 hp
 XJL $79,500 385 hp
 XJ Supercharged
 $87,500 470 hp supercharged
 XJL Supercharged
 $90,500 470 hp supercharged
 XJ Supersport
 $112,000 510 hp supercharged
 XJL Supersport
 $115,000 510 hp supercharged

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All 2011 model Jaguars will feature Jaguar Platinum Coverage best-in-class warranty and service package. Giving you 5 years and 50k miles of warranty, Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance, Wear and Tear Components (such as brake pads, rotors, wiper blades etc.) and 24/7 Roadside Assistance.

No other luxury manufacturer stands behind its products better than Jaguar.

 Model Options Available
 XJ Luxury Package $4,000
 Driver Assistance Package $1,000
  Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound $2,200
 XJ, XJL & XJ/XJL Supercharged
 Rear Seat Entertainment $2,000
 Whitefire Headphones $400
  ACC Package $2,200
  Carbon Fiber veneer $1,500
  3-Spoke wood/leather steering wheel - NCO
 XJ/XJL Supersport
 3-Spoke leather steering wheel - NCO