Battery Service

at Jaguar Southwest Houston

Battery Services at Jaguar Southwest Houston

Your car battery is one of the easiest components to forget about, but the second your car doesn't start in the morning, it'll be the first place you look. However, there are subtle signs to look out for that can indicate when your battery is on its way out, and Jaguar Southwest Houston is always here with battery testing and replacement services whenever you need us.

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Complimentary Battery Testing.

Detecting Battery Issues

Your car battery can be a fickle beast, especially in unusually hot or cold temperatures. That said, heat is our biggest threat in Southwest Houston, and will result in a battery that overheats and can even cause battery leaks. What you'll see in this case are corroded battery terminals or a white, powdery substance on or around the battery housing that indicate a need for an immediate replacement.

If your battery is simply running low on voltage, a good way to check on your own is to start the engine with the headlights switched on. Then, turn on the air conditioning and pay attention to the light from the headlights as you turn the switch. If the lights noticeably dim when you switch on the A/C, it means your battery is losing power and will need to be replaced soon.

Things are even more dire if you find that your radio, interior lights, or other components are beginning to fail. These systems are a part of a series of cascading failures that are intentionally designed to cut out to help conserve electrical power due to a low battery. If you are beginning to experience these issues, your battery is in need of immediate replacement.

Battery Replacement in Southwest Houston

At our dealership we're home to a wide range of batteries and our team of techs will drop one in to ensure that you're never left stranded. Schedule your battery service appointment with our team today!

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