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Restore Confident Stopping Power with Brake Service at Our Southwest Houston Dealership

We often take our vehicle brakes for granted, but doing so is a dangerous came that could lead to an expensive repair, if not something much worse. At Jaguar Southwest Houston, our expert Jaguar technicians will inspect your brakes and perform brake maintenance and replacement services to give you the confident stopping power you need.

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Front &/or Rear Brake repairs

When to Have Your Brakes Inspected or Repaired

There are a variety of factors to pay attention to if you're trying to work out the condition of your brakes. For starters, those with alloy wheels can look directly through the spokes to see the brake pad, and with the wheel turned can visually assess the pad thickness to determine how close they are to the end of their serviceable life. A brake pad with less than 3mm of material is in need of immediate attention, while 4mm or more is generally considered safe.

Other factors include brake squealing or grinding when applying pressure to the pedal. Squealing is an intentional mechanism that is warning you about the state of your brake pads, while grinding means you have no pad material left and demands immediate attention from our Jaguar technicians.

You may also notice your vehicle vibrate, shimmy, or pull to one side when braking, all of which are dangerous scenarios that also require immediate attention.

Schedule Your Jaguar Brake Service Today!

When you schedule your brake service with Jaguar Southwest Houston, you can have confidence that our team of highly-trained Jaguar technicians has the ability to do the job right the first time. Our rigorous training ensures our team knows every Jaguar model intimately, and our availability of in-house Jaguar parts means we almost always have what we need to get you on the road quickly and safely.

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